The Northam Solar Farm is a joint partnership between Indigenous Business Australia and Bookitja Pty Ltd. Bookitja Pty Ltd is part of Whadjuk Foundation Inc and aims to provide a sustainable economic base for future generations of Whadjuk people who reside in the Perth region.

The farm is located on Ballardong Noongar Boodja (country), on the outskirts of the historic wheatbelt town of Northam approximately 100 km from Perth. The 10MW Northam Solar Farm consists of 33,600 solar panels and is constructed over 25 hectares (around 0.25 km2). The solar farm provides renewable, sustainable, zero emission, electricity, powered by Western Australia’s Wheatbelt sunshine.

The solar farm will deliver enough energy to power approximately 4,000 households (24,000 MWh) every year for the life of the project and will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 17,000 tonnes per year – the equivalent of taking 3,500 cars off the road.

In the area around the Northam Solar Farm there are a number of sites registered as meeting Section 5 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972.  There are no registered Aboriginal sites or other heritage places within the solar farm site however this does not diminish our regard of the importance of the land to the Traditional Owners of the area.

The development of the Northam Solar farm would not be possible without the support and assistance of the Northam Shire Council and its constituents.